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Stretch Marks on Breasts


Are you wondering how to get rid of stretch marks on breasts? Many women believe that stretch marks only appear on the stomach, hips, or thighs. Unfortunately, this is not at all true; stretch marks can show up anywhere on the body that does not have enough elasticity in the skin to accommodate for expansion or growth. This means that stretch marks, while common in all of the above mentioned areas of the body, can be found on many other places including (much to the disappointment of many women) on a woman’s breasts.

Stretch marks on breasts can occur during the rapid growth that characterizes puberty. They also occur very often during a woman’s pregnancy. Either way, the fact of the matter is that stretch marks on breasts are often a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness for most women who have them. Getting rid of stretch marks on the breasts is possible through invasive methods, but stretch mark treatment procedures aren’t the only option for dealing with stretch marks on breasts. Plus, stretch mark removal options such as surgery or laser therapy may be less than ideal for breast stretch marks depending upon what type of removal method you are looking for.

With the breasts being such an intimate and sensitive area, using a procedure like laser stretch mark removal may make some women nervous. In the case of an invasive, surgical procedure, there is also the potential risk of leaving a scar on the delicate skin of the chest—this risk is possible with any procedure that involves surgical incisions of any kind. One alternative to stretch mark removal is using a product made to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The most common method of reducing the appearance of stretch marks on breasts is through the use of a topical stretch mark product.

A stretch mark cream is not a stretch mark removal or a stretch mark treatment method. A topical stretch mark product can only help to reduce the look of stretch marks on the breasts; certain creams have the ability to do this to a dramatic degree.

A topical cream, such as Revitol Stretch Mark Cream, Bella B Tummy Honey® or Melvita does not run the risk of leaving a scar on the skin, and if a good quality product is used, there is little risk of eliciting a bad reaction such as irritation or causing any other potentially damaging side effects. Stretch mark creams that are hypoallergenic help to reduce any risk of negative skin reactions. In addition, creams that are clinically tested and approved have undergone extensive trials that monitor both the product’s safety and effectiveness among other things.

A stretch mark cream can be used on the breasts, is easy to apply, and most importantly it can provide visible results within a matter of weeks. No woman wants to live with unsightly breast stretch marks, nor do they want to use a product that is unsafe or undergo an invasive procedure that has the potential risk of leaving a scar.


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