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How to Treat Old Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are an inconvenience for almost anyone who has them. Finding a way to treat stretch marks through various stretch mark treatments is one thing, but finding out how to treat old stretch marks is a much more complicated mission. Stretch marks happen when our bodies grow faster than our skin can accommodate. This in turn causes tearing deep within the skin on the dermis layer. These tears, while not on the top epidermal layer of our skin, are still visible. Essentially, stretch marks are scars in the deeper layers of our skin. This fact alone makes treating them rather difficult, an added difficulty is when such stretch marks age and get older. New stretch marks are a purple reddish color that over time turn a light almost silver shade. When stretch marks turn this silvery color, they have become more difficult to treat. While treatments for old stretch marks are not impossible to find, and are often not that different from treatments for newer, younger stretch marks, it is more of a challenge. In finding out how to treat old stretch marks it is necessary to realize that they will not be as amenable to most stretch mark treatments.

Many people assume surgery is the only way to really treat old stretch marks. Yet, even surgery is not a guaranteed way to completely treat or remove older stretch marks. While they cannot treat old stretch marks, a topical stretch mark product of some kind can show results in the appearance of older, silvered stretch marks. Although, even some stretch mark creams have difficulty improving the look of old stretch marks. Many creams can help improve the appearance of old stretch marks to some degree, often they take much longer to show results and the results shown can be slight. However, there are certain creams that can reduce the appearance of old and new stretch marks alike. Some creams can provide dramatic reductions in the appearance of stretch marks of any age.

Stretch mark creams are formulated and made with special ingredients such as aloe vera to diminish or minimize the look of stretch marks, not to treat and or remove them. A specially formulated, clinically approved stretch mark cream can make a visible difference in the look of older stretch marks.

In looking into how to treat old stretch marks, it is very possible that rather than finding the perfect treatment method, one could realize that they have found the perfect approach to reducing the look of stretch marks. Treating old stretch marks is not necessarily the best solution for most people; treatments could possibly involve high costs and inconvenient appointments. Many people with older stretch marks were unable to seek a way to deal with them earlier due to a busy, fast-paced life. It stands to reason that the use of an easy, at-home topical product such as stretch mark creams designed to reduce the look of stretch marks would be preferable to a stretch mark treatment that could possibly take up a great deal of time and money.  Please return back to our homepage to compare different stretch mark creams like, Cellex C and Marksplex™.



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